Kerry Washington's Prenatal Workout of Choice? '70's Style Water Aerobics

Kerry Washington opened up about the workout she loved while she was pregnant. And it's probably something your mom has tried. 

Celebrities seem to favor specific workouts. More often than not, they're trendy, pricey and only available to people who live in major cities. If you're a non-famous person who wants to draw fitspiration from the stars, it can be tough to gain access to those picks or to a personal trainer, which many stars utilize. 

That's why we're all about the workout Kerry Washington relied on during her pregnancy. It's adorably retro, decidedly non-fancy, and surprisingly accessible to women all around the country. It is something you can do without shelling out a fortune, it doesn't require a personal trainer, and it's doable even if you're not in amazing shape. It's something your mom probably did back in the day. It's '70's style water aerobics.

Kerry appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show to talk about her fitness preferences, and they probably surprised a few people. But Kerry hailed her workout of choice for being enjoyable yet challenging—and really, does anything else matter?

Kerry shared her passion for the splashy workout. "You know what I did when I was pregnant that I really loved? Like '70's style water aerobics, like with the Styrofoam dumbbells in the water. It was so fun, and it's harder than you think," she said during her appearance on the show.

If what Kerry is saying is any indication, this workout strikes that elusive balance between enjoyable and effective. As if that weren't enough, water workouts are awesome for pregnant women, as they're low impact, yet still forces you to engage your muscles. Water exercises also have a pretty obvious benefit: They allow you to spend time submerged in gloriously cool water, which is an overheated pregnant woman's dream.

Would you give Kerry's workout of choice a try? If so, you can look up water aerobics classes in your area or give these moves a try next time you're at the pool. Who knows? It just might become your very own go-to pregnancy workout.