Kim Kardashian Gains 52 Pounds So Far in Second Pregnancy

The Kardashian tweeted about her pregnancy weight gain, prompting women to voice their support and admiration for the star's honesty. Here's why it matters.

Kim Kardashian Gains 52 Pounds So Far in Second Pregnancy Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Say what you will about Kim Kardashian West but she's one of the most candid stars out there today.

Granted, candor is essentially the very thing she's built her livelihood on, and sometimes it verges on oversharing. But other times—like on Tuesday, when the star tweeted out the exact amount of weight she's gained during her second pregnancy—it's refreshing. Actually, it's a little bit inspiring.

She tweeted the following message:

Kim has always been something of a role model for curvy women and if responses to her tweet are any indication, she's now helping pregnant women embrace their own changing bodies. The tweet, which has been liked nearly 7,000 times, clearly hit home for some of the reality star's fans. "This means a lot to all us mamas out here. Thank you for keeping it real," a woman tweeted in response.

We live in a world of celebrities who sport nine-month pregnant bellies on otherwise waiflike frames. That's bound to make women who gain a lot of weight while pregnant feel like they're doing something wrong. Kim has always been one of the few female celebrities who will readily open up about her pregnancy-related struggles; from infertility to insecurity and everything in between, it seems like no topic is off-limits for her. That's not to say other celebrities glorify the experience, but it's important for women to feel understood and represented when they're going through the tougher parts of pregnancy.

It's also worth noting that Kim acknowledged that she has her work cut out for her when it comes to losing the weight she's gained. So many stars have claimed that their baby weight "just melted away" after a few months—but Kim finally admitted what so many women know to be true: That snapping back to pre-baby form is not easy for most people.

That's not to say that when it comes to pregnancy weight gain, more is better. There are guidelines regarding how much weight each women should gain, and putting on too much weight can be as unhealthy as not gaining enough. Ultimately, each woman's body, pregnant or otherwise, is an intensely personal matter. Still, when a woman with Kim's influence makes such a real admission about her own pregnancy, it has the power to make a difference in someone else's. It seems like the reality star is now doing for to-be mothers what she's been doing for voluptuous women all these years: making them realize they are not alone.