Kim Kardashian Handles Fat-Shaming Hater Like a Boss

Kim Kardashian West had one perfect word for an internet troll who fat-shamed her pregnant body on Twitter. And it's one to remember next time you need a comeback.

Kim Kardashian Handles Fat-Shaming Hater Like a Boss Helga Esteb/

Kim Kardashian West is no stranger to haters. Most of the time the mogul just ignores the nasty comments that come her way but occasionally she fires back—take, for example, her perfect response to a fat-shamer who attacked the star on Twitter.

It all started when Kim posted a tweet about how far she's willing to go for fashion and food (a girl after our own hearts). She tweeted out this message to her 37 million-plus followers:

Nothing wrong with that, right? After all, most of would of us would go to great lengths for a pair of shoes or a cheeseburger and it's not Kim's fault she can afford to go to Paris at the drop of a hat. One hater wasn't so understanding, though. A user who goes by the handle @LuizJozeMonster replied to her tweet with this awful, fat-shaming message:

Luckily, Kim got the last word. Literally.

We happen to love Kim's one-word answer—it's never acceptable to fat-shame anyone, but it feels like pregnant women should be particularly off-limits. We have to give Kim credit for just shrugging the rude comment off so easily, though—after all, haters are really just not worth anyone's time.

Kim followed up her one-word response with a slightly more involved comment:

For what it's worth, Kim also set the record straight when someone poked fun of how only she would hightail it to Paris just to shop.