Kim Kardashian Posts Nude Post-Baby Selfie

Kim Kardashian's week is off to a scandalous start after her recent Instagram post, but not for the reason you might suspect. This a throwback or her body back?

Kim Kardashian Posts Nude Post-Baby Selfie kimkardashian/Instagram

Kim Kardashian West is breaking the internet again with a new nude picture. The reality star posted a completely naked photo—save for some black bars over her privates—on Instagram with the caption "When you're like I have nothing to wear LOL."

Unlike her Paper Magazine cover, this shot isn't too revealing and doesn't show anything more than a bathing suit does. That said, it's still going majorly viral because fans are trying to figure out if this photo is the big debut of her post-baby body after giving birth to son Saint only a few months ago.

As we've seen recently, women's bodies look drastically different during and after pregnancy. Height, genetics and activity level during pregnancy can all have an impact on how a woman looks pre- and post-pregnancy, but that's definitely not an indication of her worth as a mother. That said, we still have an obsession with women who seem to bounce back almost immediately, and that's come into play with Kardashian's selfie.

Kardashian is a master of publicity and knows that people will automatically assume it's a post-baby photo. However, her caption doesn't give any indication of when it was taken. The photo shows her with blonde hair and she was photographed in a platinum blonde wig last month. That wig, plus her love of waist training, makes it entirely possible that it's a recent picture. However, she also had platinum hair about that length a year ago, so it could've been taken then. Plus the next photo in her Instagram stream shows her with blonde hair and is clearly labelled a "Paris flashback", referring to her trip last year.

Regardless of what it is, she's a mom of two and that makes her pretty incredible—and gorgeous—no matter what.

What do you think? Is Kim Kardashian's Instagram selfie really a look at her post-baby body, or a clever throwback shot? Does it matter?