Kim Kardashian Wants a Ridiculously Lavish Push Present

We love a good push present as much as the next girl but Kim Kardashian West's pre-birth wish list is next level. Would you ask for something after you deliver?

Kim Kardashian Wants a Ridiculously Lavish Push Present Helga Esteb/

Star moms: They're just like us. They deal with morning sickness. They gain unwanted weight. They crave pretty push presents after the delivery.

But if you're Kim Kardashian West, that push present comes with a million dollar price tag and a whole lot of sparkle.

The reality star—who is in the home stretch of her second pregnancy—wrote about the concept of "push presents" on her web site. "Do you guys believe in a push present?" she asked her fans. "I never did, but all of my friends do!!!"

The star went on to add that her push present-believing friends have received gifts along the lines of diamond rings and new cars (#LifestylesOfTheRichAndFamous.) "I like the idea of a push present," Kim wrote on her site. "After nine months of pregnancy, it's a sweet and well-deserved thank you. We women go through an entire pregnancy carrying a baby...of course it only makes sense to get something amazing to show how amazing we are! LOL!"

She went on to rave about the push present she's eyeing at the moment: A Lorraine Schwartz diamond choker that is so expensive, even Kim asks her readers if it's "too much? LOL!" According to Yahoo Parenting, the necklace could cost up to a million dollars. So yes, Kim. For us mere mortals, that is a bit too much—but hey, maybe if we had Kardashian money we'd feel differently?

The concept of push presents is still relatively new one—the New York Times tackled the subject in a 2007, adding that 38 percent of new moms received a push present from a partner. And while there are plenty of critics of the whole thing—the Times even added that 40 percent of female responders in the survey mentioned said "the baby was ample reward"—we think it's a fun practice.

Push presents can be sweet reminders of monumental days—we especially love gifts that are truly tailored to the mother's experience of giving birth, maybe a nameplate necklace bearing the baby's name or a ring with the child's birthstone.

What are you thoughts on push presents? Are they the least your partner can do or the least of your worries?