Kim Kardashian West Shares Game-Changing Maternity Style Tip

Have you noticed that Kim Kardashian West always seems to wear similar outfits while pregnant? There's a reason behind it that's not just having a signature style.

Kim Kardashian West Shares Game-Changing Maternity Style Tip Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images

Kim Kardashian West definitely has a signature style—it's glamorous, bold and more than just a little sexy. But the truly observant among us have noticed something very specific about Kim's pregnancy style: It often features a long coat worn open over a body-conscious dress.

As it turns out, Kim has a very specific reason for choosing this style so often and it has everything to do with flattering her changing body. "I always wear long coats," the reality star said, according to People. "A tight little dress with a longer coat—it's a trick Kourtney told me she lived by."

Now, Kim has gotten her fair share of flack for her pregnancy style choices—but as anyone who has ever had a baby will tell you, getting dressed while pregnant is no small feat. With that being said, Kim seems much more comfortable in her pregnant body lately and her sartorial choices reflect that. The fact that she's taking cues from sister Kourtney Kardashian (who looked flat-out fabulous through all three pregnancies) is smart: After all, styling a fitted dress with a more fashion-forward piece is a perfect example of Kim taking her signature style and making it work through her pregnancy.

As for why she favors this combination, Kim had a simple answer: "[They] cover up the fat arms and back fat and my butt!" Obviously, the gorgeous star has nothing to hide but sometimes strategically covering up certain body parts is sometimes exactly what a pregnant woman wants in order to feel comfortable—and there's nothing wrong with that.

What do you think of Kim's style tip? As outrageous as the star's style sense may sometimes be, this is one hack we can all totally steal and make our own.