Kourtney Kardashian Shares Her Christmas Miracle

Of all the roles she plays on- and off-camera—business woman, TV star, supportive sib, good-health advocate—Kourtney Kardashian's favorite is that of loving mom to Mason, 4, and Penelope, 2, which is why she's thrilled to welcome a third to her brood this season.

Kourtney Kardashian: Behind the Scenes

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The holidays are a huge deal for the Kardashian clan. As Kourtney tells it, since she was born in Los Angeles 35 years ago, her mom Kris has thrown over-the-top Christmas Eve parties for family and friends. "Santa Claus is there, and elves and carolers. We all look forward to it every year," she says.

But the fun doesn't end at midnight. "Before the party breaks up, my mom gifts all of her kids and grandkids matching pajamas. Last year, it was red velour onesies that zipped up." The next morning, the siblings, each wearing their footed pj's, head back to Mom's for present opening. (How's that for a paparazzo's dream shot?)

Now that Kourtney has two kids with her partner Scott Disick and is expecting a third in December, she's hatching some family traditions of her own. It's clear the fashion mogul (whose business ventures with her sisters include Dash boutiques, Kardashian Kollection and Kardashian Kids) takes parenting seriously. In fact, she has spent much of the last few years finding ways to balance professional commitments with her number-one priority: her fam. The red-carpet regular gets real about roll-up-her-sleeves mommyhood, her not-so-glamorous pregnancy symptoms and how those first deliveries really went down.

FIT PREGNANCY: Do you like to decorate for the holidays?
KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN: I do, but I didn't always. Now that I have children, I love to decorate to create the same magical experiences my mom created for my siblings and me when we were younger. I think we had four trees last year! I take the kids to pick out a little one and we decorate it together. Also, before Christmas, I host a party for our kids and all their friends. We love to make a mess while decorating gingerbread houses.

FP: You're due around the holidays. Are you concerned that your OB-GYN might be away?
KK: No. I'm going to keep him handcuffed to me! With Mason, I was due on December 24 and my mom said, "No, not on the night of my Christmas Eve party!" But he was born 10 days early, so we'll see what happens this time.

FP: Did anything surprise you about pregnancy the first time around?
KK: I was surprised that everyone calls it "morning sickness," because it lasted all day. For me, it was even worse at night. During my first two pregnancies I felt so nauseous all day that I could only eat plain toast and bland foods—no proteins. But the nausea went away after the first trimester. This pregnancy, I get nauseous even now if I go too long without eating, and that never happened before when I was in my second trimester.

FP: Other than the tummy troubles, are you loving pregnancy this time around?
KK: I am. I love being pregnant in general. This time I'm more tired than I was the other times. I think it's because I'm always running around and working on different things. But I feel comfortable with how I look and feel. I find a pregnant body to be beautiful and an incredible reminder of what a woman's body is made to do.

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