Kristen Bell Shares Simple (But Genius) Parenting Hack

All mamas find themselves in diaper jams every now and then—and since this is pretty much an inevitability, you're going to want to steal Kristen Bell's hack.

Moms have plenty of superpowers—and as many of you know, coming up with solutions to messy (like, really messy) problems is definitely one of them. But while parents have this innate ability to come up with on-the-go solutions for some common problems, we can always learn a thing or two from other members of the club.

Enter Kristen Bell, who is pretty much always a mom after our own hearts: The actress shared her very own parenting hack, and it's something we can all add to our own repertoires. There's no pricey gadget or fancy maneuvering involved here—actually, the only thing you need is probably lurking on your wrist at this very moment.

Kristen was on an airplane when she realized she had a broken pull-up on her hands, and despite the fact that she was up in the air, she managed to get the situation under control by using a hair tie to fasten the pull-up in place. Trust us when we say this is a trick mamas need to know about: Whether your baby is in diapers or pull-ups, there WILL be a time when things don't, uh, stay where they're supposed to stay. And when those times strike, you're going to need to think on your feet.

Kristen shared a photo of the hack on Instagram, and fans are loving it. One follower commented: "75% of parenting is pretending to be McGyver." (Side note: YES.) Another added: "We affectionately call this the 'pony on the pants' works wonders when you have skinny minny kids."

We want to hear from you, mamas! What are some of your most brilliant and usefull on-the-go parenting hacks?