Kristin Cavallari Cover Shoot for Fit Pregnancy

An exclusive interview: the fashion designer and television star shares her prenatal nutrition and exercise tips, plus how she and Jay Cutler plan on expanding their family.


Chris you have malaria so excited to be on April may issue a different and I I. I'm about how it's being able to. Let readers know I know my history. Really excited here. I'll knowledge about all of my pregnant mom about that. I read every label on everything and I've been my mouth I try to Taylor the football and eat as clean as possible. I don't count calories I haven't counted calories years it's really just about redeeming greens and we'll do it right this time I've actually been working out of home the last few items in a slot and lunches and read up here. My great. You mom definitely makes you think twice about every. Opportunity. From there right you want to take and I had really only say yes I have to. It still feeling it's kind of fun to have a big family. But it's one of those vapors can take it one baby at a time and just how guys. It's the most rewarding and calls the hardest job at the same time that it's the best thing in the world.

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