Kristin Cavallari Holds Baby For First Time Since Accident

Reality star Kristin Cavallari is having a rough time of late—but she's finally able to find comfort in the simple act of snuggling with her youngest child, Saylor.

Kristin Cavallari Holds Baby For First Time Since Accident kristincavallari/Instagram

The past few months have been rough for Kristin Cavallari. The shoe designer lost her older brother in December, just weeks after giving birth to her third child. She posted a sweet Instagram photo expressing her gratitude towards her youngest child, saying daughter Saylor had provided comfort during a difficult time. But Kristin ran into another tough situation on January 21: The star was in a car accident that put her in the hospital.

We're happy to report that Kirstin is fine and her children weren't in the car at the time of the accident. The star did sustain an injury, though. While it was relatively minor, as far as injuries go—Kristin dislocated her elbow—there was one incredibly sad repercussion: She struggled to hold her daughter for a week after the crash.

She shared a photo of herself snuggling with baby Saylor on Instagram along with the caption: "Morning snuggles with my girl. First time I've been able to hold her by myself in a week." According to the hashtags she added to the caption, Kristin and Saylor were on a girl's trip in LA when the photo was taken.

The mom also shared another update on her condition post-accident.

"Sorry-gonna get corny on u for a second...I dislocated my elbow in a car accident last week and because of that, and everything else I've been through in the past couple months, I have such an appreciation for life," she captioned a photo of herself posing at a photoshoot. "I am so thankful it wasn't worse, and more importantly that my babies weren't with me. My arm hurts like a bitch but I'm thankful because I have my arm!! Shot my spring shoe look book today and even though I could barely move my arm, I am forever grateful for being here to shoot it."