Lauren Kitt Carter Talks Staying Super-Fit While Pregnant

Nick Carter's wife is one seriously fit mama-to-be. Here's what she had to say to Fit Preganncy about staying in shape while pregnant and the Backstreet Boy's fave workout.

Lauren Kitt Carter Talks Staying Fit While Pregnant, Cravings and More David Livingston/Getty Images

Lauren Kitt Carter knows a thing or two about fit pregnancies. The exercise enthusiast is expecting her first child with husband and Backstreet Boy Nick Carter and has been upholding her commitment to healthy living as she prepares to welcome her future boy-band member.

Fit Pregnancy caught up with the Dancing With The Stars runner-up's wife, the star of VH1's I Heart Nick Carter, to discuss her favorite workouts, most common cravings and the advice she has for other pregnant ladies. She even fills us in on her famous hubby's fitness preferences. Read on to see what this gorgeous, fit mama-to-be has to say.

Fit Pregnancy: What workouts have you been loving while pregnant?

Lauren Kitt Carter: I do a lot of prenatal yoga as well as maintain an active lifestyle. I lift weights and box but I stopped jumping rope and added some other cardio into my workouts, like the stairs and swimming. I still ride my horse, which keeps my legs strong but I don't gallop or do any intense work with him.

FP: Have your workout preferences changed since you've been pregnant?

LK: Yes, I am much more low-intense and not lifting as much as I used to. I only workout 4-5 days a week and for 30-45 minute each. I squat at least 300 times throughout the day with just my body weight to prepare my body for the birthing process.

FP: What are some of your best tips for women who have less energy while pregnant but still need to workout?

LK: Take walks in your neighborhood, get outside and get some natural vitamin D.

FP: What do you eat when you need a little energy?

LK: I drink green juice for energy or add chlorophyll to my water.

FP: Have you tried your hand at dancing at all since Nick competed on Dancing With The Stars?

LK: I have always loved dance of all kinds and have used it in my workouts throughout my fitness competition years. However, I haven't tried any ballroom techniques.

FP: Do you and Nick ever workout together?

LK: Occasionally we will go to the gym together but we do our own thing. Recently he has been doing more yoga at home with me.

FP: Has Nick changed his diet or fitness regimen at all since you have been pregnant? Is he eating healthier things in solidarity?

LK: LOL, honestly he is trying but he seems to have gotten the cravings and symptoms associated with my pregnancy so it's been hard for him to maintain a healthy diet.

FP: What cravings have you experienced?

LK: I haven't really had cravings but I do tend to eat more greens and water-based foods.

FP: What surprised you most about pregnancy?

LK: How utterly out of control you are of your body at times and the incredible changes it takes in order to have a baby.