Lindsay Price Shares Her Pregnancy Cravings

The actress, wife of Curtis Stone, shares what she's been craving in pregnancy.

Lindsay Price and Curtis Stone Courtesy of Lindsay Price

We found out what the actress (whom you may recognize from Hawaii Five-0 and, yes, Beverly Hills, 90210) is hankering for as she awaits the arrival of her second child this fall—and how her sweetie Curtis Stone makes it happen.

Lindsay Price: I think we crave what our bodies need, so we should pay attention to cravings. I want guacamole, and I think it's because my body needs good fats.

Curtis Stone: I was ready for that—she craved guac like crazy when she was pregnant with our son Hudson, too! We're lucky because it's the perfect time of year for fresh avocados.

LP: The other night Curtis asked me what I would eat for dinner if I could have anything in the world, and I said lobster, pasta, tomatoes and veggies— somehow I was dreaming of eating all of those together. So he went to the farmers market and made me this fresh pasta and lobster dish that I can't stop thinking about because it's all of my favorite foods in one!

CS: Often, Lindsay will want something and it winds up at my restaurant Maude. She had a major sweet craving a little while back, and I offered her ricotta fritters—basically donuts—that we were in the middle of testing for the restaurant. They were a hit with Lindsay, and they made it onto the menu.

LP: I am trying not to go crazy this pregnancy, because when I had Hudson, it was hard to lose the weight afterward. I've been conscious of eating healthy and having lots of organic fruit, like peaches and berries.

CS: Fortunately we have a big vegetable garden—it's almost like a salad bar just outside our back door. I also go to the farmers market every Sunday and Wednesday for work, and shop for our family there, too. I always buy beautiful fruits so there's a bowl of them waiting in the kitchen that's as tempting as a candy bar. I recommend doing that since you'll make a beeline for them when you want something sweet.