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... It'’s Ana Gasteyer larger than life in the city she loves.


Comic actress Ana Gasteyer, who just completed her sixth season as a central player and writer for NBC’s Saturday Night Live, is the first star in its 27-year, male-dominated history to be pregnant while on the show. We caught up with Gasteyer, who is married to marketing strategist Charlie McKittrick, when she was three weeks from her due date.

Fit Pregnancy: So, has it been an easy or hard pregnancy?

Ana Gasteyer: It’s been pretty easy except for the last three weeks because I’m really swollen. My ankles are outta hand, which affects my mobility. I also have this crazy compulsion to have everything in my house perfectly arranged. I washed all the baby clothes, got a labeler and labeled each drawer according to what kind of clothes go in it, and which month: to 3, 3 to 6, 6 to 9. And I intend to keep going.

A more practical use of your hormone surge than sobbing.

I haven’t really sobbed much. Instead, I’ve had this weird kind of psychic break that totally irritates my husband. I find something hysterically funny—emphasis on hysterical—and laugh so hard that I cry. Recently my husband was trying earnestly to read me this interesting Newsweek article. Meanwhile, I was squirting saline spray up my nose because my sinuses have been driving me crazy. I was listening but also making these unbelievable Felix Unger noises. Suddenly I was struck by the intense hilarity of it—and what a bummer it must be to be married to a pregnant woman in a dirty nightshirt squirting saline solution up her nose.

What kind of exercise are you doing?

The first two trimesters, I walked 40 minutes to work. Lately I’ve mostly done weight work with Orville Barnes, my strapping, giant of a trainer at the New York Health and Racquet Club. [Instructor] Cheryl Malter comes weekly to do yoga with my husband and me, which is also the best.

You’re nearly ready to deliver, and SNL wrapped two weeks ago. Work must have been ultra-challenging.

And the hours were long—like 80 a week. But it was good not to be focused solely on being pregnant. No one even knew I was pregnant until my 23rd week. I hid it.

Because …?

I didn’t know what impact it would have on my career. I have a cousin who’s an investment banker and she hid it, too.

As an actress, have you obsessed about weight gain?

Not really. Mostly, I didn’t want to suddenly have that matronly quality with, you know, sensible hair. And as long as I could still get cool clothes and shoes to wear (I love my Aerosoles boots!), I’ve been happy.

Any handy hints for pregnant women?

Here’s something my mother’s friend suggested: Put a Post-it note on every piece of baby clothing that people give you. Then take one picture of your child in the outfit and mail the photo off to whoever sent the clothes. That’s my little Martha Stewart moment.

How has pregnancy changed you?

I’m much, much calmer. Normally, I’m pretty high-strung, but right now, I’m like me on Prozac. I’m hoping it’s a change that I keep.