Maria Menounos Opens Up About IVF 'Bloating and Weight Gain'

The star felt her body was "not right" due to treatements. 

Maria Menounos Opens Up About IVF Tinseltown/Shutterstock

Maria Menounos is incredibly beautiful, but even she feels uncomfortable in her own body sometimes. She's opening up about those feelings now—more importantly, the actress and host is pulling back the curtain to reveal intimate details about her fertility treatments.

Menounos, who's on the cover of Health magazine this month, spoke to the publication about body image, IVF and the surprising link between the two. She admitted that, because of the treatments, she's not completely comfortable with her physique. "This time, because I was in the middle of IVF, my body was not right,” she said of shooting the cover. 

The recently engaged actress and host worked out hard for three weeks before the shoot but still didn't quite feel like herself. It's another aspect of IVF treatments few women discuss: the process can change your body. Maria said she learned that “bloating and extra weight gain are okay and normal, and [she's] not crazy or doing something wrong.”

Menounos' honesty is refreshing. In fact, she first started opening up about her journey to have children back in 2011 when she made a decision to try to freeze her eggs in order to conceive easier later in life. She's now going through the process of trying to get pregnant, and she plans to keep talking about her journey. "It’s amazing to me how silent people are, that are going through this,” she told Health of her treatments. “When it’s all secretive, no one can learn and help each other.”

Instead of staying mum, Menounos is chronicling her IVF struggles on social media, and has posted to Instagram and Snapchat about her egg retrieval attempts:

Sadly, she's also had one experience that many IVF hopefuls know all too well: the negative pregnancy test. The Daily Mail recorded the following Snapchat video from Menounos' account:

While every negative test is a likely a letdown for Menounos and her fiance, Keven Undergaro, it sounds like she is doing all the right things—exercising often, opening up about what she's going through and learning to love her body as it is.