'Married at First Sight' Star Sends Message to Baby She Miscarried: 'It Wasn't My Choice to Survive Without You'

This reality star's tribute to the baby she lost will break your heart—but the fact that she's speaking out on the issue is so important.

Jamie Otis announced she had suffered a micarriage back in July, but the wounds clearly still feel fresh for the reality star—especially now, as her baby's due date is right around the corner. Women who have lost their babies will understand all too well what this feels like: The pain of a miscarriage is always there, but it can definitely intensify right around the time you were supposed to welcome your little one.

To that effect, Jamie—who appeared on Married at First Sight—shared a message to the baby she lost on her Instagram page, and it's heartbreaking. "It wasn't my choice to survive without you. So I will spend my life living for you and honoring you. I was so happy to have you in my belly," she wrote.

Jamie also revealed she had given her baby a name: Johnathan Edward. "The heartache since you left has been excruciating. Johnny, I can't help but think of what you'd look like if you were able to stay in there safe & sound & come to us like you were supposed to for Christmas," Jamie, who is married to fellow Married at First Sight star Doug Hehner, wrote. 

While this post is so heartbreaking, it's also worth noting Jamie's bravery. Speaking out about miscarriage is not easy. The concept of infant loss has become a taboo conversation topic, and it's so important for women to feel like they're not alone—people like Jamie, who are open about their own experiences, just might help so many miscarriage sufferers understand they're not the only ones going through this intensely painful thing. And that matters.