Melrose Baby

TV star Lisa Rinna gets ready for a new role.


As the resident bombshell with a come-hither dress style and fabulous figure, Lisa Rinna has convinced millions of TV viewers to spend their Monday evenings with her on "Melrose Place." And even though the 5-foot-6-inch brunette is expecting her first child — a girl — with actor/husband Harry Hamlin in June, her allure is unlikely to change. How convenient, since her character, Taylor McBride, is also infanticipating. "We're both as sexy as ever," she laughs. "I feel sexier pregnant than I've ever felt before. There's something about it that has given me a feeling of confidence." Clearly, this thirtysomething actress is truly enjoying her pregnancy. Knowing her body and feeling comfortable with it is key.

As a Taco Bell "border girl" who went on to heat up daytime TV on "Days of Our Lives," Rinna has been elevating heart rates for years. Since joining the Melrose crowd two seasons ago as the bikini-clad vixen, Rinna really couldn't afford to miss a workout. Before her pregnancy, the actress exercised five days a week, mixing it up with kickboxing, Pilates, light circuit training and power yoga. Now, however, the thought of heavy sweating is as nauseating as the smell of her husband's cigars or her dog's food. "I have no desire to do a step class, Spinning or kickboxing now," Rinna says. "Everything needs to be very calm and serene, so I keep with my Pilates, a gentler yoga and walking."

Of course, it was more than the aversion to odors that tipped her off to the pregnancy. There were lots of signs. "I knew when my breasts got so sore, and bigger." Lethargy was another. "Bone tired" is how Rinna describes the condition. She also began craving Mexican food and poached eggs on toast. "Rice, beans and chicken in a burrito are heaven to me now."

Careful about her health and believing in a holistic approach, Rinna recently cut out wheat, dairy and hormone-fed chicken from her diet. "I feel amazing, better than I have in my entire life."

So does this mean she will work up to her due date? Yes, but Rinna has decided not to return to the show after the birth. She doesn't feel she'd be able to experience her baby fully with the 14-hour workdays the show requires. "I've done a lot with this character, and this is a good time to bow out of the role," she says.

She'll undoubtedly handle her new role as a mom the same way she has approached her career. "My parents taught me good values: Be kind, have forgiveness, work hard for what you want. To really go after what you want and be supported in that is the best," Rinna says. Is Hamlin her No. 1 supporter? "You bet," she says proudly. "He'll be going to Lamaze classes with me soon."