Model Proves You CAN Stay Fit in Pregnancy

Model Proves You CAN Stay Fit in Pregnancy sophie_guidolin/Instagram

Sophie Guidolinthat Australian fitness model who lifted weights during her twin pregnancy and received a ton of flack about it—has given birth, and we want to buy her a round of drinks.

When she was in her final trimester, Guidolin posted a video working out, which received harsh criticism, along the lines of how a woman shouldn't exercise intensely when she's pregnant. Readers of this site will know that isn't always true, and certainly wasn't the case for the Aussie model since she delivered two healthy girls two weeks ago.

With topic of pregnancy fitness in mind, Guidolin took to Australia's TODAY Show to teach women how to be proud of their bodies—no matter what stage she's in. "I just want to educate women that are pregnant to be able to enjoy a fit pregnancy and know that the benefits outweigh the cons," she said.

Even though many social media commentators gave her harsh reviews about the safety of both herself and her child, she confirmed: "At all stages with the doctor, I was always making sure that I had clearance from him when I was exercising and I did stop two weeks before giving birth because I did feel that my body had had enough and I was tired."

Since welcoming her twin daughters—Evie and Aria—Guidolin has posted some postpartum Instagram photos (see a selection below), which received quite the backlash, leading an anchor on TODAY to question why she would post a photo that might make other woman feel bad about their bodies after birth. "I don't ever want women to feel like I'm shaming them or that I'm putting pressure on them to bounce back," she said. "At no stage have I ever said to women, 'This is what you should be doing, this is how you should be looking.'"

She added that she thought she owed it to her 240k Instagram followers to show the end of her journey. While we're a little jealous of her toned frame, we do know that she worked for it—and she's encouraging moms to do what feels right to them—the naysayers be darned.

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The human body is freaking crazy! The photo above is about 1-2 weeks before giving birth (last photo I have on my back- which was funnily enough my most 'prominent' bump position. I grew the most in the last 1-2 weeks so it was a lot bigger than this also.) The photo on the bottom is 5 days after giving birth. It is CRAZY to think that both of the babies fit into my tummy, now that they are out! I am feeling very 'empty' after not having any flutters, kicks or movements any more 😔 My body has been through such a whirlwind and is super tender to even touch- it is the weirdest feeling to touch my stomach as it is soft and jelly, very different to my firm hard pregnant belly with arms and legs everywhere! 😂 when I stand up I still have my bump- which Ryder has lovingly pointed out, that I may still have a baby in there. This post is in no way shaming or telling women how you should look post baby- it is simply my complete journey through my pregnancy and beyond with twins. With my first two singletons I certainly did not go down as well and even now with the twins I still have a long long way to go- but having twins is the best thing in the world staring at the perfection made. I still have my stretchmarks, excess skin and jelly stomach. I will do a full birth story and a Q&A once were all settled into life with two newborns, plus the business and the boys 🙈😂 Becoming a mum again with a 7 year gap has literally been like jumping back on a bike. My heart is beyond in love and I am on a complete emotional high. I haven't had any post baby blues or day 3 cries, just in awe of the miracles we have created! @evie_and_aria #twinpregnancy #bodiesareamazing

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