Molly Sims Behind-the-Scenes Video


Hey get up Ollie says it welcomes that fit pregnancy. I love being on the cover of that pregnancy and is silly women that you need that you can be happy they'll be fun we hear anything today. Its pregnancy. I felt like I had the worst hangover. In the wake up feeling about it you go to bed. That the worst pregnancy advice that our it's easy feel. It hit me pretty best advice I got was people being on is that not. And I have been pregnant I gained over seventy pounds on my first child and even pregnancy puck alive. So when you get big here the worst thing you can do is weird loose clothing because it actually makes you look. Wife and think without that amounts to about my pregnancy body. There's a little. My Theres life. And I love I want you. Out there. On the back aches and nausea and higher unit and you know feeling when you look like him it kinda all goes up it went advocate. Kind of miss that and he made you.

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