Molly Sims Blames Undiagnosed Thyroid Problem for 85lb. Pregnancy Weight Gain

The supermodel opened up to a group of celebrity moms about putting on the pounds during pregnancy...and the surprising condition she only learned about after she delivered.

Molly Sims Expecting Third Baby With Husband Scott Stuber Todd Williamson/Getty Images
If you've been worrying about gaining too much weight during your pregnancy, you might want to relax in the knowledge that even supermodels know how you feel. Molly Sims gained 85 pounds while expecting her first child, and she's opening up about the surprising health issue she faced.

The actress appeared in a video with other celebrity moms (including Haylie Duff, Garcelle Beauvais and Soleil Moon Frye) and spoke out about the most surprising things she learned during pregnancy. 

“No one tells you what’s going to happen,” the mother of two told PEOPLE for their Mom Talk video series. “With my first pregnancy, I ended up gaining 85 lbs. and had a bad thyroid problem that no one diagnosed throughout the whole pregnancy until four months later."

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Molly is pregnant with her third child now, and while many of those surprises are probably behind her, she's still struggling with some of the less-than-pleasant side effects of being pregnant (she's dealt with such bad morning sickness, she's even vomited in grocery stores!) Her second pregnancy wasn't a piece of cake either: The Fit Pregnancy cover star spoke to us about the sickness she experienced her second time around as well: "I felt hungover from the time I woke up to the time I went to sleep!"

Speaking of cake, Molly admitted that sweet treats played a role in that major weight gain she experienced during her first pregnancy. “Sometimes, deep down, when you’re eating that Sweet Lady Jane on the 405, you think, ‘It’ll come off when I have the baby,’ ” she told PEOPLE. 

While we completely understand the need to indulge those pregnancy cravings, we also know that keeping weight gain in check during pregnancy is so important. Experts recommend a 25-35 pound weight gain for women who fall in the "healthy" weight range, so an 85-pound gain is certainly a lot. It's possible that her thyroid problems contributed to this, so we're so happy to see that Molly has discovered and addressed the problem. How healthy and gorgeous does she look? Let's just hope her morning sickness eases up soon!