Molly Sims is a Typically Exhausted, Deliriously Happy New Mom

The celebrity mama doesn't shy away from sharing that she's sleep deprived (aren't we all?).

Molly Sims may be famous, but when it comes right down to it, her #NewMomLife looks remarkably similar to what we regular women experience in the months after we welcome our babies—at least, if her recent Instagram activity is any indication. It looks like this new mama isn't getting much sleep.

The mother of three posted an Instagram photo that all the other new mothers out there will relate to. "Sleep is so last year, said my newborn at 2am," the post reads. But as familiar as the message will feel to all new moms, the caption Molly added might be even more relatable: "Momma needs some sleep," she wrote. "#butlovingeveryminute."

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Momma needs some sleep 😴 #butlovingeveryminute

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We definitely get it: The sleep deprivation you'll experience during a baby's first few weeks can feel brutal—but the exhaustion is only outweighed by how much you'll love having your little one in your arms. 

That's not the only relatable mom message the former Fit Pregnancy cover girl had for her followers: She also shared a shot of herself sipping on a healthy green smoothie. "Mama's tired," she wrote in the photo's caption field. She added the hashtag #feelingdepleted. Yup, we feel you, Molly—although we're pretty impressed that she reached for a green smoothie instead of a big old cookie to get her energy levels up (we're totally guilty of the latter!).

Molly even shared a super sweet family photo of her growing clan (including newest member, 10-day-old Grey Douglas Stuber) all cuddled up in bed—she added the hashtag #mamalookstired to the shot. 

While we can totally understand how exhausted Molly must be right now, we also love how over-the-top happy the celebrity mom looks. She's clearly relishing that #NewMomLife, and we're loving how open she is about the difficulties and joys that along with this phase.