Molly Sims On How to Treat IVF Patients This Mother's Day

If you know a woman who is going through IVF, you'll probably want to hear what Molly Sims has to say about making the day as easy as possible for her.

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If you're a mom, chances are you're looking forward to the upcoming holiday that's all about you. But Mother's Day isn't such a happy occasion for everyone out there...and if you have a friend or family member who is going through IVF right now, you may want to tread carefully around her where the holiday is concerned.

Molly Sims understands this on a personal level. The model is a mother of three now, but her path to parenthood wasn't as easy as it may seem. Molly endured two rounds of IVF before she conceived her children, so she knows how painful the experience can be. 

She also points out that when you're trying to conceive, it can feel like reminders of motherhood and pregnancy are everywhere you look on any given day—Mother's Day just intensifies this effect.

"It's tough because it's a really hard pill to swallow. You just have to be supportive of the mom, check in with her, and not be afraid to say anything or acknowledge it because it might hurt her feelings," Molly told PopSugar. "It's very difficult to want something, and with Facebook, it's like Big Brother, because once you start googling, all of a sudden your feed becomes baby and you're not even pregnant yet. It's weird how everything in your face is about baby, especially during a sensitive time like Mother's Day when everything else is about Mom, babies, kids, and family."

The former Fit Pregnancy and Baby cover girl also added that people in your life may be suffering through infertility in silence—so being as tactful as possible around friends who don't have children is always a good idea.

We couldn't agree more: Countless women around the world are dealing with the stress of trying to conceive, painful and pricey fertility treatments, miscarriage, loss and any other number of issues that make a holiday like Mother's Day incredibly tough to face. While motherhood is absolutely worth celebrating, it may be harder this year for the hopeful mothers among us, and that's something we should all keep in mind.