Mom's the Word

Cindy Crawford teams up with trainer.

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It's not surprising that when Cindy Crawford became pregnant, she worried about how she'd get back into top shape. "But a week after I had Presley [her son, born July 2, 1999], I started working out, just stretching, and slowly built on that," she says. "Now I marvel at what your body can go through and get back to normal."

Cindy says she was in fine form before her pregnancy and continued to do modified non-impact workouts and prenatal yoga. But after her home birth (with husband Rande Gerber, a midwife and two doulas in attendance), she couldn't even do a Kegel. She began a workout program with "Today" show fitness guru Kathy Kaehler (pictured), and they've turned it into the video "A New Dimension: A Balanced Approach to Fitness," which includes an all-the-way-back strength and cardio workout (check out their routine on the next pages).

"Cindy was super-easy as a client because she understands which muscles she's supposed to use, and she knew what felt comfortable to her," says Kathy, herself the mother of twin boys, with another baby on the way. And how has becoming a mom affected Cindy's professional life? "My attitude about work used to be 'Why not?' Now it's 'Why?'" she says. "It's much easier to say no to things I'm on the fence about, because it's not worth taking time away from my son."

Cindy's top 10 get-your-life-and-body-back tips

1. Ask for help I found that people were very happy to help, but usually you have to ask. One friend made me a dinner — she shopped, cooked and cleaned up. That was the best baby gift I got.

2. Nurse your baby It burns so many calories, and it just seems to help you get your body back faster. I nursed full time for six months.

3. Eat healthfully, but don't diet You really have to eat a lot, especially if you're nursing.

4. Stretch and squat When I did stretches to open up my back and shoulders, everything else felt better, too. And when you bend down to pick up something off the floor, do a plié squat or a lunge [which strengthens legs and glutes].

5. Start out easy If you can only do one lunge, the next day do two lunges, the next day three. You'll be amazed how quickly you can get up to 10.

6. Rest I tried to nap whenever my baby napped. Even when people would come over, I would say, 'I have to go lie down now.' 7. Let yourself be pampered Get a massage, or have your husband or a friend massage you.

8. You can find time to work out As Kathy says, it's a misconception that if you don't do 30 minutes of exercise consecutively, it doesn't count. If you do six five-minute workouts during the course of a day, they add up to 30 minutes.

9. Clean up your act I'm not saying you should do your hair and put on makeup, but I'd at least comb my hair, put it in a ponytail, put on clean clothes — even just clean pajamas — and take a shower. It makes you feel better.

10. Listen to your body Don't do a workout that makes you too sore, especially in your upper body. You don't want to drain your energy — you want to do exercises that give you energy.