Natalie Portman Eats Before Events Because #PreggoProblems

The actress copped to snacking before hitting red carpet events, and her comments have pregnant ladies everywhere nodding in agreement.

Natalie Portman has been nominated for basically every screen acting award thanks to her tour de force performance in Jackie, but as it turns out, her greatest awards season fear has nothing to do with whether or not she'll win. 

Natalie, who is expecting her second child, appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! to discuss the awards shows, pregnancy, and everything in between—and she came clean about one little habit she has. Let's just say it'll resonate with many pregnant ladies out there...

“I feel like I get a little panicky about food availability. Like, if I’m going somewhere, I’m like, ‘Will they have something that I will want to eat at that point?'” she said during her appearance. “So before I go anywhere, I’ll have a plate of pancakes or, like, a veggie burger or whatever, just to be prepared...They did [have food at the SAG Awards] but I preemptively ate so I didn't have to eat."

Turning down a gourmet meal at a fancy Hollywood event in favor of noshing on pancakes at home? Sounds like a #preggoproblem to us! Between the round-the-clock hunger and the intensity of food cravings and aversions preggos face, well...let's just say we don't blame Natalie for worrying about whether she'll find something she actually wants to eat before heading out of the house.

The star also opened up about another pregnancy problem she's been facing: "I feel like they're very careful with me," Natalie said of people's treatment of her during pregnancy. "Everyone's like, 'you don't have to stand up' and I'm like, 'I can stand up out of a chair.'" Still, she admitted that if someone is offering to let her cut a bathroom line, she's not exactly about to refuse. We guess it's better than the alternative?

These are both pretty relatable things pregnant people face, right? Do people treat you like you're made of glass now that you're pregnant? More importantly, how do you get your food fix: Eating before going literally anywhere, or stashing snacks in your purse?