Natalie Portman is Having a Girl, According to Ellen Degeneres

Ellen DeGeneres predicted that Natalie Portman will have a girl this time around based on her pregnancy cravings—do you think she's onto something?

Natalie Portman's pregnancy cravings are pretty healthy—well, for the most part at least.

The actress—who is expecting her second child—appeared on The Ellen Degeneres Show to discuss her role as the former first lady in the upcoming movie Jackie—but that wasn't all they discussed. Natalie told Ellen a bit about her pregnancy cravings, saying that this time around, they're a bit different than they were during her first pregnancy.

“With [my son], I wanted like … cream puffs, any dessert with cream in it, or just plain whipped cream straight,” Natalie explained. “And this time it’s healthy, like pineapple, cucumbers … burritos, which is maybe less healthy but delicious."

Natalie doesn't know her baby's gender yet—but according to Ellen, her cravings point one way: “I think that that means it’s a girl,” Ellen said.

The talk show host is so sure about this, she's willing to put money on it—Ellen bet Natalie $1,000 that she'll have a girl this time. 

But can cravings actually predict your baby's gender? Interestingly enough, an old wives' tale indicates that craving sweets means you're carrying a girl—which goes against what happened in Natalie's first pregnancy, when she craved sweets and had a boy.  We checked in with Sherry Ross, MD, an OB/GYN at Providence Saint John's Health Center in Santa Monica, to learn whether there's any medical reason to believe cravings could, in any way, predict a baby's gender.

"There are a lot of myths and old wives' tales [about baby's gender]—sweets if it's a girl, salty and spicy if it's a boy—and as exciting and as hopeful as that can be for some couples, there's no medical evidence to support it," Dr. Ross told Fit Pregnancy. "There's all sorts of made up [things] that have been passed down from grandmothers and mothers and friends."

So there you have it—Ellen does have a 50/50 shot of being right, though—maybe she'll win that bet after all!

Do you feel like any of your pregnancy cravings were tied to your baby's gender? Tell us!