New Celebrity Joins the Twin Mom Club: Jaime Pressly!

Jaime Pressly was "shocked" to find out she's pregnant with twin boys—but as it turns out, this surprise helps the actress fulfill a lifelong dream.

Jaime Pressly Twins Kathy Hutchins/
It may have taken Jaime Pressly and her boyfriend, Hamzi Hijazi, "a while" to conceive—but when it finally happened, it was more than the couple bargained for when they started trying.

The 39-year-old actress is expecting twin boys. And while the prospect of carrying, delivering and raising two babies at the same time would be daunting for just about anyone, Jaime is actually getting the thing she's always wanted, thanks to this pregnancy.

“I’ve always wanted three kids and the older I’m getting, I’m like, ‘Okay, maybe just one more would be nice.' I was getting a little sad, but it was like, ‘We’ll give you two in one. You don’t have to do another pregnancy," Jaime tells PEOPLE. "Twins don’t run on either side of our families so we were completely shocked. This wasn’t IVF or anything like that. It was just a shock, and I’m like, ‘Doctor, that’s impossible!’"

It's always surprising to see that positive pregnancy test when you've been trying for a while—not to mention totally shocking when the doctor tells you you're having twins—but the fact that Jaime is 39 actually increased her likelihood of conceiving fraternal twins. As we've previously reported, women tend to produce higher levels of a follicle-stimulating hormone that causes the body to release multiple eggs as they age.

Jaime has a 10-year-old son, Dezi James, and she adds that this pregnancy is very different—and not just because she's carrying twins. According to the actress, age makes the physical side of pregnancy feel quite different, but it also makes her feel wiser and more prepared as she prepares for this huge life change. 

Congrats to this soon-to-be twin mama! The good news? If her kids need to form a squad, we hear there are plenty of twins in Hollywood who will happen to be pretty close in age...