New Moms Deserve to Get Glam Too, as Evidenced by Katherine Heigl

Katherine Heigl showed off her glamorous look post-talk show appearance, and it's a much-needed reminder that new mamas deserve a taste of the glam life every now and then.

She may be a famous actress but Katherine Heigl is, by her own admission, spending most of her time in yoga pants these days. She's a new mom, so fancy dresses and high heels aren't her go-tos at the moment. But a recent post from the actress reveals that sometimes taking some time away from the #NewMomUniform and getting all done up is exactly what the doctor ordered. 

Katherine shared an Instagram selfie of herself looking fabulous after her recent appearance on Good Morning America. "Had a blast on @goodmorningamerica and couldn't resist a car selfie in this amazing #johnny star dress! How fun is this print?! Just makes me happy!!...Kinda loving all the beautiful outfits I'm getting to wear today, this mom needed to feel fancy for a day or two. Then it's back to my yoga pants and spit up stained tee shirts!" she wrote alongside the photo.

We're into the message here: Look, we know how easy it is to live in cozy pants and a ratty old tee when you have a baby demanding every ounce of your attention—but sometimes a day of glamour can make a stressed out, sleep-deprived mom feel like a whole new person.

Obviously, most new mothers aren't celebrities. They don't have access to glam squads, closets full of fancy outfits, or celebrity budgets. But who says you have to get a professional makeover or wear a couture gown to feel rejuvenated? Whether it's popping out for a quick manicure, swinging by the makeup counter to try on a new lipstick shade, or even just putting on a cute outfit for date night, you can't underestimate the power of stepping away from the yoga pants, even if just for a few hours.

Hey, new mamas: Does indulging in a little fancy make you feel more like yourself?