Nicole Richie Shares Her Biggest Pregnancy Advice: Hands off the Belly!

It girl and mom-of-two Nicole Richie makes an honest point about keeping your boundaries during pregnancy and parenthood.

Nicole Richie Has Some Great Advice for Pregnant Women DFree/
Want to annoy Nicole Richie? Just touch her stomach while she's pregnant.

Actually don't—because despite the fact that a pregnant woman is essentially giving her body up to her baby, it's still her stomach, and putting your hands on it when you're not invited to is just not cool. 

The star, who has two children with husband Joel Madden, opened up about the one piece of advice she'd give pregnant women—and while you might expect her to mention something about exercising often, learning to de-stress or even curing morning sickness through some obscure remedy, Nicole's advice had less to do with a pregnant woman's body and more to do with the way people view it: "I would say, ‘Don’t let anyone touch your stomach. Don’t let everyone think they have the right to just touch you. Who wants that? Nobody," she told PEOPLE.

As unexpected as this advice may seem, we can practically see women everywhere nodding in agreement as they read this. How many preggos have been touched by friends, co-workers, even complete strangers? Entirely too many, because there's this weird societal notion that baby bumps are just fair game. 

Do most people have good intentions when reaching out and touching a woman's growing tummy? Probably, but that's not really the point. Speaking of good intentions, Nicole also got real about one other thing pregnant women face all too often: unsolicited advice. “There’s not one way to raise children,” she said of dealing with pressure from other parents to raise kids a certain way. “There’s not one way to be a mother. It really depends on your house and your lifestyle.”

We are so here for Nicole's advice.