Olivia Wilde Shows Her Political Colors With Baby's Gender Reveal

The actress shared a single tweet to clarify both her political allegiance and her baby's gender—as well as a message about why this election is so important to her. 

Pregnant Olivia Wilde at the 2016 Academy Awards Helga Esteb/Shutterstock.com
Olivia Wilde is with her. Why? Well, in part because she's also with her—"her" being the child she's currently expecting. Have we lost you yet? Here's what we're really saying: Olivia is all set to welcome a baby girl. She's also in support of presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, and there's a strong relationship between these two factors. 

The actress is expecting her second child with Jason Sudeikis—the couple has a son, two-year-old Otis—and it appears that motherhood has made Olivia even more passionate about our country's political climate. It's a common sentiment: We've certainly heard other new parents expressing an increased interest in the upcoming election for a very simple reason—they care so deeply about the state of the world their children will occupy.

To this effect, Olivia tweeted about why this particular election "hits [her] deep in [her] core."

"As someone who is about to have a daughter, this hits me deep in my core. #NeverTrump," Olivia posted in response to a video Clinton shared. The video showed a series of vignettes featuring comments from Donald Trump and ended with a question: "Is this the president we want for our daughters?"

Whether or not you agree with her political views, it's easy to relate to what Olivia expressed in her tweet. That is to say, becoming a parent often fuels a sense of civic responsibility. Have you become more passionate about the results of this year's election since becoming a parent?