Olympian Sanya Richards-Ross Shares Her Pregnancy Workout Mindset

She may be an Olympic-level athlete, but even everyday mamas will understand why Sanya Richards-Ross stays focused on exercise throughout her pregnancy.

We know, we know—working out during pregnancy can be a total drag, especially when you're dealing with morning sickness and exhaustion. But if it makes you feel any better, know this: Even Olympians struggle to get those prenatal workouts in regularly.

But pregnant athlete Sanya Richards-Ross manages to push through and work out for one major reason—and it's probably one you'll relate to completely—logging those workouts will make both labor and postpartum recovery easier. That's the motivation Sanya calls upon when she's trying to gear up for her own prenatal workouts. 

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“It gives me energy and is the perfect balance to the additional eating and cravings. Although I’m not training nearly as hard I feel that my body is very responsive to the workouts I do. I also hope that it will make my delivery as easy as my pregnancy has been!” Sanya told PEOPLE. She also shared her top tips for making it to the gym while pregnant, saying: “The trick is to make time for it. The first trimester is the toughest and I struggled with feeling overly fatigued and sleeping all the time, but now that I am well on my way, I’ve found my groove and getting my workouts in has been fun again. I also work out with my husband [football player Aaron Ross] and that helps. An accountability partner is the best!”

Honestly? We're pretty sure Sanya's workouts are much more intense and impressive than the average preggo's, but we can relate to her outlook on prenatal fitness. Sometimes hitting the gym with a baby bump is the last thing you feel like doing, but thinking about how beneficial it is for your delivery and recovery just might do the trick. There are so, so many benefits associated with working up a sweat during pregnancy, and keeping them in mind just might help you stick to it. Oh, and if that fails? You could always take Sanya's advice and enlist a workout buddy.