People Are NOT on Board With Bump-Centric Coverage of Amal Clooney's Latest Speech

Amal Clooney made an impressive, impassioned speech about ISIS at the United Nations...and media outlets chose to focus instead on the mama-to-be's growing bump.

Amal Clooney might be married to one of the most famous actors of our time, but let's not forget that the woman has an incredibly impressive career of her own. She's an accomplished lawyer who focuses on international law and human rights, and the fact that she's currently pregnant with twins shouldn't overshadow her amazing career accomplishments.

In so many ways, Amal is the perfect lens through which we can view the convergence of celebrity culture, societal views of motherhood, and the daily work everyday women do to break that glass ceiling once and for all—and with that in mind, it's extremely telling that media coverage of the Amal's recent speech at the United Nations was more focused on her baby bump than on her message.

Amal's growing belly and chic maternity style aren't the story here, yet so many media outlets led with that. Luckily, people weren't having it.

"wow. I am shocked at how disrespectful that headline is to the critical work she was doing," one Twitter user commented in response to a tweet from TIME. Another slammed the coverage as well, saying: "Who cares about her human rights accomplishments and professional prowess when she has a slick maternity outfit!?" To be fair, TIME's current headline for the news is about Amal's speech on ISIS, but the tweet that focused on her bump clearly rubbed users the wrong way. 

While we're all fascinated with the details of celeb pregnancies (especially if we're growing our own baby bumps right alongside our favorite stars), it shouldn't dwarf the other work they do—whether they're saving lives through their legal work or winning Oscars or Grammys—or just being an everyday awesome people. Pregnancy is just one amazing facet of our incredible lives.