People Are Shocked that Beyoncé is Doing This Intense Workout During Pregnancy

People seem surprised that Beyoncé is keeping up with her go-to workout now that she's pregnant. But we're not!

Beyonce Grammy Performance CBS Photo Archive/Getty
Guess what Beyoncé's prenatal workout of choice seems to be? SoulCycle, the ultra-trendy spinning class celebrities are obsessed with—providing sweaty, energetic, and seriously intense workouts every time.

But people seem to be simply shocked—shocked!—that she's continuing to break a sweat while she's carrying twins. Perhaps it's that old, outdated image of moms-to-be as fragile flowers. Maybe they worry that pregnant women shouldn't really be exerting themselves so much. But honestly, Bey's workout of choice doesn't really surprise us. Beyoncé obviously works hard for that killer body, and the fact that she was in amazing shape before pregnancy (all that dancing she does is no joke) means her fitness levels will be different than the average person's both during and after her pregnancy.

Of course, when it comes to prenatal fitness, a few rules apply: You should always check in with your doctor before doing anything, and you should probably not try anything you didn't do before your pregnancy. (In other words, don't start training for an Ironman in your second trimester if you've only been doing 5Ks for the past year!) Yes, working out can be a lot tougher and more tiring while you're carrying, and in light of that it's crazy impressive that Beyoncé is making it class almost every day, according to Us Weekly. Then again, this is Beyoncé we're talking about, so should we really be surprised?

Part of the shock might be due to the fact that Queen Bey backed out of her Coachella appearance due to pregnancy concerns, which may have led her fans to wonder if the star doesn't have much stamina these days. But after watching that insane Grammy's performance, why are we still doubting the star's capacity? The truth is, while you obviously need to take certain precautions when you're expecting, you can (and absolutely should!) still be rocking out at the gym.

Spinning is actually a really good fitness regimen to consider if you're pregnant. You get a really awesome workout while you're sitting down, which is basically the dream. And it puts you at less risk of falling or losing your balance, two big issues as your bump gets bigger and throws your balance. And honestly, what do you think is harder—a SoulCycle class or the tour de force performance she pulled off soon after announcing her pregnancy?