Peta Murgatroyd Pumps Behind the Scenes of 'Dancing With the Stars'

Talk about a multitasking mama—Peta Murgatroyd shared a selfie of what really goes down backstage at Dancing With the Stars...and let's just say fellow mamas will relate. 

Being a working/breastfeeding mom is never easy...and heading back to a job that requires elaborate costumes, tons of physical activity and a seriously hectic schedule? Well, it's a lot.

Not surprisingly, though, Peta Murgatroyd is crushing it. Everyone's new mom crush shared a behind-the-scenes peek of herself pumping before performing on last night's episode of Dancing With the Stars, and it's sort of the perfect representation of the juggling act mamas face when they return to their jobs.

Peta joked about the new mom reality in the post's caption field: "My milkshakes do not bring all the boys to the yard/trailer Oh the joys of motherhood!" she wrote alongside the selfie.

But the photo itself speaks louder than the caption: It features Peta in full hair and makeup, her costume for the evening's performance hanging up behind her—and the sight of a breast pump on the table is a sharp contrast to all the glamorous touches in the image. What's more, Peta's trailer is chock full of stuffed animals, which are almost certainly there for to entertain Shai, her nearly three-month-old son. 

Most mamas will understand the scene all too well: Having little ones means every space you occupy will be full of reminders that you're a mom. Your car, your purse, your office, your bed, your desk—they all become perfect places to stash snacks, toys, diapers, extra bottles, and all the other gear that comes with new motherhood. And while most of us don't have full trailers to ourselves at work, we can probably relate to Peta's surroundings in a pretty major way.

The new mom is clearly killing it in all aspects of life with a newborn, and we love that she keeps sharing looks at her working mom reality with all of us.  Keep on keeping it real, Peta!