This Photo of Alyssa Milano Breastfeeding Should Not Be Controversial

Alyssa Milano wants to know why some people find her breastfeeding photos offensive. So do we!

Alyssa Miano breastfeeding selfie Instagram: milano_alyssa

Our August/September Fit Pregnancy cover star Alyssa Milano recently shared beautiful photos of breastfeeding her new daughter—and was surprised by the negative backlash she received from some folks.

Tweeting in support of fellow mama Kim Kardashian's internet-breaking magazine cover, Milano raised an important question:

We've never quite understood why so many people seem to be aghast at the site of a mom nursing, while they're A-okay with super-sexy images of women elsewhere. Here at Fit Pregnancy, we think breastfeeding in public is beautiful and support a mom's right to feed her baby whenever—and wherever. And it's not only because when breastfeeding is possible, it's the healthiest option for baby. (Most doctors will back us up here—see the AAP, CDC , ACOG and March of Dimes for starters.) It's also because feeding a baby is the biological function that breasts serve, people!

Alyssa, we were already big fans of your healthy attitudes on being a mama: Thank you for sharing this latest one—and for standing up for nursing moms everywhere!