Pink Just Normalized Breastfeeding... While Hiking

Pink shared a photograph of herself nursing her baby while hiking, and it's giving us serious #momgoals.

Pink is always one to keep it real where the realities of postpartum life are concerned—and most recently, the mama literally took the #normalizebreastfeeding movement to new heights. 

Pink, who welcomed her second baby in December, shared a selfie of herself and her son, Jameson, on a mother/son hiking excursion. It appears baby Jameson worked up an appetite while hiking, because Pink nursed her little guy as they walked.

The singer posted a photo of the feeding, and she made an important point while doing so: That mamas can squeeze in a feeding anywhere, no matter what else they're accomplishing at the same time. 

Pink added the caption "Hiking makes us thirsty!" alongside the adorable photo.

It looks like we're not the ones who are loving the selfie—Pink's followers are also voicing their support. "I didn't actually think I could love you anymore!!! I was wrong!!! This will do wonders for so many breastfeeding mamas. Thank you so much YOU ROCK!" one fan wrote.

Of course, Pink also received some totally unnecessary hate for posting the photo—but fans are coming to the star's defense. "I'd have to disagree, she is being a fantastic role model by helping to normalise breastfeeding, that is what they are there for! I'm sure you wouldn't bat an eyelid if it was a woman in a low cut top! well done pink, giving you baby the best start in life," one user said in response. 

Kudos to Pink (and all the other rockstar moms out there who normalize nursing) for nursing her little one with pride. Posts like these go such a long way in the fight to normalize breastfeeding!