Pink Shares a Baby Weight Update, Makes Us Love Her Even More

The singer keeps her honest postpartum body posts coming—she even told her fans how much weight she hopes to lose.

Pink totally won us over when she posted about how she hadn't lost any baby weight at six weeks postpartum because she's "normal." And while there is no norm when it comes to how much baby weight you lose (and how quickly you drop it), the singer raised a super important point: Celebrities have completely warped societal ideas about how women should look after they give birth, and Pink's post showed us that for most women, the overnight bounce back is just not realistic.

But losing weight after having a baby is something most women think about, and there's nothing wrong with that—wanting to feel comfortable in your own body and be as healthy as possible is 100 percent natural, after all. It's just about taking things one day at a time, listening to your body, and embracing healthy habits. If Pink's most recent baby weight revelation is any indication, she's doing just that.

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Pink, who welcomed her second child nearly two months ago, shared a gym selfie with her followers, and honestly? We love pretty much everything about it. Pink didn't shy away from disclosing how much headway she's made (she's down five pounds) or how much she'd still like to lose (30 pounds). What we really appreciate, though, is that Pink is giving us a glimpse at what really goes into making that sort of progress. Some women are able to bounce back with minimal effort, but most of us need to put in a lot of work. Pink isn't afraid to let us see that there's some sweat involved in her snap back game, and that's something most of us can relate to all too well. 

What's more, Pink's post is pretty damn inspirational. Is it hard to find time to work out when you're a new mom? Absolutely. Would moms rather spend time with their babies than hit the gym? Sure. But ultimately, you deserve to invest in your own health. We have nothing but admiration for this gorgeous mama for approaching postpartum health and fitness in a way that's both realistic and inspirational.