Pregnant Abs Model Shares Post-Birth Selfie

Sarah Stage, the model with a six-pack over her baby bump, is back on Instagram to show off her post-baby body, four days after giving birth. And yes, it's stunning.

Pregnant Abs Model Shares Post-Birth Selfie @sarahstage/instagram

In case you missed it: Sarah Stage is the Costa Rican model made famous for showcasing a series of pics on Instagram of her ripped abs ... on top of her baby bump.

Yes, the pregnant model got flack for being so toned during her 9 months (we women can never win), but she had the last laugh when she gave birth to her healthy 8.7lb baby boy, James Hunter, earlier in April.

She was especially winning since she only gained 28 pounds during her bump months and so, took to the app to show off her bod once more, four days after she gave birth.

And yup. She looks amazing. Her abs are harder than anything the rest of us could dream of and her self-proclaimed "#GrannyPanties" look better than most of the items in our underwear drawer on a good day. All this and she hasn't even worked out in a while. "I'm excited to resume my workouts in 5 weeks!" she captioned her latest pic.

We love this gal, and we're all for boasting about an amazing bod, but we're kind of craving a more relatable pregnant mama to step forward on Instagram and get real about post-baby bodies. Yes, some look like Stage's, but others will look a little more like Drew Barrymore's, with her "kangaroo pouch," and still be healthy. Whatever the shape: A pregnant body is a beautiful one. Before and after baby. Now who's up for it? All you need is a proud bump and, of course, a teddy bear phone case.

Now keep scrolling for some more GORGEOUS photos of Stage's baby James.