Pregnant Comedian Fires Back at Ridiculous Pregnancy Comments

Chelsea Peretti just went IN aboutĀ some of the comments she's received throughout her pregnancy. Good for herā€”it's about time someone tackled this issue!

Chelsea Peretti and Jordan Peele DFree/Shutterstock
There's this weird misconception that pregnant women are fair game for unsolicited comments and invasive questions. People feel like they can comment on the size of a woman's baby bump or ask her if she knows "what she's having"ā€”even if they're perfect strangers. And let's not even talk about the people who think they canĀ justĀ walk right up to a pregnant lady and touch her belly.Ā 

That's why we'reĀ cheering on Chelsea Peretti, who went on an epic Twitter rant about the feedback she's been receiving throughout her own pregnancy. Chelsea, a comedian who is expecting her first child with husband Jordan Peele, is clearly fed up with the pesky comments. Can we blame her? Not one bit.

The mom-to-be is tackling everything from commentary about "how [she's] carrying" (which, fun fact, has nothing to do with whether you'll have a boy or a girl) to questions about her due date. She even served up a solution for mamas-to-be that will allow them to avoid commentary by obscuring their bodies.

We would tell you more about her tweets but, well, you should probably see them for yourself. Behold, a truly epic takedown of the most annoying things preggos face.

And then there's this gem...

Would you dare to try these comebacks in public?Ā