Pregnant Marisa Miller Poses Nude For Orcas

Pregnant Sports Illustrated model, Marisa Miller, poses naked in a bathtub to protest alleged animal cruelty towards orcas and their mothers at SeaWorld.

Pregnant Marisa Miller Poses Nude For Orcas PETA

You might be used to seeing Sports Illustrated models frolicking on the beach, but one model mom is posing nude for a cause. Marisa Miller, mama of Gavin Lee Guess, her 2-year-old son with music producer husband Griffin Guess, and another on the way, is featured in a new PETA campaign naked in a tub, showing off her baby belly.

Why? It's a message to SeaWorld, which, even after the popularity of the eye-opening documentary Blackfish, still holds orcas in captivity. The theme park is accused of taking newborn orcas away from their mothers, quickly after birth and shipping them to other locations—a move that's reportedly caused more than 36 deaths.

As a nod to this cruel practice, the caption on Miller's photo reads: "SeaWorld: Separating Babies and Mothers Since 1970."

Miller was moved after seeing the documentary and wanted to make a difference. "I think any mother knows the sense of protection and connection you have with your baby," she said in an interview with PETA.

She's not the only celebrity encouraging fans to stop making Seaworld part of their tourism plans—Tommy Lee, Holly Marie Combs, Jessica Biel, Laura Vandervoort and Steve-O are all against the theme park's inhumane practices. Though they still have a way to go, attendance has dropped at the parks by 13 percent, and major brands—like Mattel—have discontinued their partnerships.

We're proud of Miller for showing her bod to make a difference—and we bet the mama orcas are thankful, too.