Pregnant News Anchor Passes Out on Air

CNN news anchor Poppy Harlow was in the middle of a report when she suddenly fainted. The scariest part of all this? Harlow is also six months pregnant.

Pregnant News Anchor Passes Out on Air Jason LaVeris/Getty Images

CNN anchor Poppy Harlow was in the middle of a report on The War on Terror when she suddenly fainted. It was a scary moment—not just for Harlow, but also for her co-workers and viewers. And if seeing a woman abruptly stop what she's doing and pass out cold isn't frightening enough, consider this: Harlow also happens to be pregnant.

Fans were concerned about Harlow's condition after the incident, but the journalist took it upon herself to reassure them that she's recovering. "For all of you on Twitter who are asking if I'm OK, thank you so much. I got a little hot and I passed out for a moment. I am fine and we're going to take a quick break," she assured viewers.

While the situation was incredibly scary, there may be a logical explanation as to why Harlow fainted. "Fainting can occur during pregnancy, especially during the first trimester," OBGYN Juana Cuevas, M.D. told Fit Pregnancy. "Physiologic and hormonal changes during pregnancy occur to increase blood flow to the uterus and baby. This can cause fluctuations in pregnancy that result in dizziness or fainting."

Harlow mentioned heat and according to Dr. Cuevas, that may have been a factor in what happened to Harlow. "Ambient temperature changes, getting up too quickly, lying flat on one's back can also contribute," she said.

While it seems like Harlow is doing just fine, fainting while pregnant can be serious. "More serious medical conditions can also present with fainting," Dr. Cuevas said. "It is important to see your doctor when fainting occurs, especially if there is difficulty breathing, chest pain, or if you fall and hit your abdomen."

Harlow also tweeted that a visit to the hospital confirmed her baby is also doing well.

We are so glad to hear that both mother and baby are healthy and safe.