Pregnant Serena Williams Plays Tennis in New Instagram Clip

Serena Williams may be seven months pregnant—but that doesn't mean her tennis game has suffered. Watch her play in a brand new clip.

Serena Williams is a badass. That's one thing we know for sure. The tennis legend recently shared a clip of herself playing tennis at seven months pregnant, and her game looks amazing—but then again, we'd expect nothing less from the woman who won the Australian Open while pregnant.

Serena posted the clip to Instagram, where it's racked up over 700,000 views (and counting!) Now, pregnant women do incredible things every day—they stay active, they face down morning sickness and exhaustion, and they continue to crush it at their jobs. And while Serena is far from the only woman who has ever kept up with her fitness and career while pregnant, we are definitely impressed. 

In the clip, Serena makes every move look easy and graceful, even though her Twitter feed is proof that she's experiencing some of the icky side effects of pregnancy (heartburn, itchiness, insomnia!) We're marveling at how light she is on her feet, how energetic she seems and the power in her swing. Her athleticism is awe-inspiring, especially considering pregnancy has a way of altering a woman's balance. 

The tennis star also shared a few shots from a recent trip—including some that show her growing baby bump.

It's pretty awesome to see women like Serena, who prove time and time again that pregnant women can do anything. She's getting close to that due date, but we can only image we'll be seeing more crazy impressive stuff from this mama-to-be in the next few weeks.