Why Pregnant Tori Spelling is Afraid of Microwaves

The actress is avoiding microwaves during her fifth pregnancy—is this something you should worry about while you're pregnant?

It's been said that women become progressively more "chill" with every pregnancy. While you probably freaked out over every little symptom during your first, chances are you barely batted an eyelash throughout subsequent pregnancies

But despite the fact that Tori Spelling is pregnant with her fifth child, the actress still has one slightly odd fear—the microwave. The 43-year-old star opened up about the fact that she still tries to stay away from the microwave—but being a mom of four kids already makes that hard.

"I know I should feel like 'Oh I’m old.' But I have more energy now," she told PEOPLE. "It’s not an option not to. And I’m so crazed running around with four little ones under 10 that I don’t have time to worry about the things I did the first time. I used to have a fear of standing in front of the microwave. Now I stand to the side, but I still have to get things done."

While Tori is every mom in some ways (not having time to worry so much about your pregnancy because you're busy parenting? Sounds familiar!), here's the thing: Microwaves are actually perfectly safe for pregnant women, according to Medical Daily.  The FDA has also deemed microwaves safe. 

With that being said, we understand Tori's concern. After all, microwaves have been a source of concern for some time now, and you really can't be too careful while you're pregnant (and don't forget to heat your food up in glass or ceramic containers, as microwaving Tupperware can cause chemicals to leak into your food!)

When it comes right down to it, we all have certain fears we hold on to while we're pregnant. As much as we want all preggos out there to feel stress-free during gestation, we definitely can't fault this mom for being too careful.

Do you have a weird pregnancy-related fear? Find out if it's safe—or if it's not.