'Pretty Little Liars' Tammin Sursok Reveals Epic Battle With Postpartum Anxiety

Tammin Sursok opened up about the anxiety she experienced after welcoming her baby, and her admission is 100 percent relatable. 

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Celebrities have pushed the conversation around postpartum depression forward in some really amazing ways, and that's done wonders to de-stigmatize the issue. But while so many people now understand that postpartum depression is a very real thing, postpartum anxiety is still rarely discussed. Surprisingly enough, it actually happens to be the more common issue of the two, but because few people discuss it, awareness is really lacking.

That's why this is so important: Tammin Sursok, an actress on the show Pretty Little Liars, penned a raw letter on her postpartum anxiety struggle, and it's something so many people will understand. Tammin opened up about the day she received her diagnosis, the way her anxiety made her feel and her decision to toss her medication. 

"After six months of trying to figure out what was 'wrong' with me, trying to boil it down to 'just hormones' and 'just sleep deprivation' and 'just life adjustments,' I was officially branded by two words. I was handed some pale yellow pills, told it was common and sent on my merry 'just been diagnosed with a mental illness' way," the actress wrote in the essay, which appears on News.com.au. "Now what? As I arrived home I remember staring at the medication in the palm of my hands and it triggering a complete panic attack. I lost my balance, as the room started to spin, with the almost cartoon like voices yelling 'failure, faulty, imperfect, let down.'"

Tammin also shared an Instagram post about the issue, and she made a really important point there, too: that postpartum anxiety is often misdiagnosed and misunderstood. It's so true: The fact that we rarely hear about this issue despite its prevalence speaks volumes. That Tammin didn't understand what she was feeling for so long is absolutely understandabale, too: I's natural for moms to blame mental struggles on the completely overwhelming nature of childbirth and early motherhood. But for so many moms, something larger is at work—and even if you're like Tammin and would prefer not to medicate yourself, it's important that you seek out help if you're feeling "off" in the postpartum period.

Can you relate to Tammin's experience?

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My essay I wrote on news.com is out today this one is very personal. I hope you can read and share with anyone struggling :) it's about postpartum anxiety which hit me like a ton of bricks after I had my daughter. Often misdiagnosed and just as dangerous. Here is an excerpt below. Please read the whole essay and share it with anyone struggling. Link in the bio above. "I remember that day. Even in my detachment from my newly formless world I remember it so vividly that it burns bright in technicolor. “Mum, I need help.” I faintly whispered that morning. “I can’t do this anymore.” I’ve never really asked for help. I spent my life trying to pave my own road like a relentless, tunnel-vision warrior, reframing every painful experience into that of a positive one. But then again I’ve never really suffered so much that it broke me. Suffered so much that I felt like my entire body was made of glass and a mere touch would create hairline fractures that would slowly break, like pieces of a puzzle, and take my soul away with it."

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