Rob Kardashian is 'Done With This Pregnancy Weight'

Rob Kardashian posted an image of himself and his pregnant fiancée, Blac Chyna...and the message behind it might make you cringe.

We've all been there: You find a photograph of yourself pre-pregnancy and stare at it wistfully. As much as you love the experience of growing your baby, you can't wait until the swelling goes down, your bump deflates and you start looking, well, like yourself again. Maybe you even post a photograph of yourself at the weight that made you feel the most beautiful along with a message about how you hope to snap back quickly after delivery.

But would you ever be comfortable with your partner doing something like this?  

Rob Kardashian recently posted a side-by-side shot of himself next to Blac Chyna, his pregnant fiancée who is set to give birth in just four weeks. Both to-be parents look great in the picture, but the image's caption seems a bit questionable. 

"Oh yeah we snapping back lol,,, baby will be here in 4 weeks and I'm done with carrying this pregnancy weight  me and my baby gonna be righttttttt ,,, MOTIVATION TIME we almost there Chy FAAAAACK Chy looks so bomb here aghhhh," he wrote.

On the one hand, part of what he's saying makes sense. Let's just say he wouldn't be the first man who experienced some weight gain alongside his pregnant partner, so calling out his own "pregnancy weight gain" is totally understandable. But commenting on how he can't wait for his pregnant partner to bounce back? Well...we sort of wonder if he's putting too much pressure on Chyna to drop her baby weight. The reality star calls his lady "bomb" in the photo—but we say she looks pretty "bomb" with her baby bump too.

Ultimately, we feel like partners should be sources of support for pregnant women who may be struggling to feel comfortable in their changed bodies—this guy is sort of the gold standard. While Rob may very well be supportive and accepting most of the time, we wonder if it was really necessary for him to call out Chyna's baby weight. Maybe she's fine with the photo—but we would probably feel a bit slighted if our own partners posted something like this.