Robyn Lawley Has Amazing Take on Baby Body

The Sports Illustrated plus-size model and new mom, Robyn Lawley has an amazing message to her daughter about her post-baby body: Strong is the new sexy.

Robyn Lawley Has Amazing Take on Baby Body Andrew Toth/Getty Images

There's a huge obsession with how quickly new moms get their "pre-baby" bodies back after giving birth. And while yes, it's important for you to feel your best after you give birth by focusing on your health and personal preferences, it shouldn't be based on some arbitrary ideal someone else made up.

That's exactly the view plus-size (shocker, right?) model Robyn Lawley has on her own body post-baby—and she wants to transfer that message of body positivity to her seven-month-old daughter, Ripley Dorothy. Lawley—who says she doesn't worry about her measurements and doesn't own a scale—wants to create an environment where she'll grow up being proud of her body because "strong is the new sexy."

"When you have to lose a lot of weight for modeling, you're not strong and you're not healthy, it's like the exact opposite," she told People. "So for me, I really want to make sure my daughter feels good and looks healthy and is happy with that."

As far as her own health, Lawley said that she doesn't "believe in restricting myself. I believe in eating wholesome foods and good quality foods," she told the magazine. "I generally eat what I want, when I want, but I keep it in moderation."

She rounds out her healthy lifestyle with plenty of kickboxing—and some activity that allows her to spend extra time with her daughter.

"I probably do two to three classes [of kickboxing[ a week and then I'll do a class of yoga with my baby," she added. "It's the cutest thing of all time going to a yoga class full of babies."

Most importantly, "[y]ou have to feel good about your body and I think the best way to do that is by doing something like camping or hiking and making your body do more than just looking nice."

And that's a message we support 100 percent!

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