Rose Rollins Talks First-Time Pregnancy: "I Can’t Wait for Him to Get Here"

Actress Rose Rollins has a knack for finding the funny in pregnancy, from how she knew a baby was on the way to her spells of happy tears. Come join her on the sunny side!

Rose Rollins Wearing Black Dress with Floral Pattern Alexei Hay
When a role calls for a toughie, casting agents turn to Rose Rollins. She’s played a closeted military police officer on The L Word, a bomb-dismantling deputy marshall on Chase, a gun-toting detective on Bosch, and now a private investigator on ABC’s The Catch. But in a candid chat with us, the 36-year-old actress unleashed her silly self, and we are still giggling. Rollins is expecting a son in May with her Australian boyfriend, Sebastian, a funds manager whose full name she guards. (He is a civilian, after all, not a star!) Growing a human can be crazy, and Rose clearly knows that laughing about the experience makes it easier!

OMG her first pregnancy symptom was...

“This is embarrassing, but I got the worst case of flatulence. It was indescribable! There was one day when I was like, ‘I can’t even go outside.’ So I Googled it and learned that flatulence can be a side effect of pregnancy. That’s how I knew. Believe it or not, I got pregnant on our first try.”

Cue public sobbing.

“When I took the pregnancy test, I was in Los Angeles, taping season two of The Catch, and my boyfriend was back home in Atlanta. My best friend said, ‘You have to tell Sebastian in person!’ So I bought myself a plane ticket. Sebastian thought he was meeting his friend for dinner, but I showed up instead. Then I told him, and we cried, we were so ecstatic. That poor waiter didn’t know what to do. He was like, ‘Whoa! What a dramatic couple!’ ”

She is wild for sugar. And butter! And carbs!

“I’ve never loved sugar as much as I do now. I used to love salads, and now I have to force myself to eat them. And I just love butter: bread with butter, waffles with butter. Friends make fun of me, like, ‘Rose, would you like some toast with that butter?’ I try not to let my cravings get the best of me, but two weeks ago, Sebastian and I went out to dinner, and he said, ‘Are we going to talk about the fact that you ordered a pasta appetizer and then an entrée portion of that exact same pasta for your main course?’ Um... it seemed like the right thing to do.”

Her memory has become like a fruit salad.

“I’m obsessed with an app called Ovia that tracks the progression of my baby. I’m aware of exactly how far along I am, to the day, but I tend to forget what size fruit he is. Is he the size of a bunch of bananas? Or was it two coconuts? I can never remember!”

Oh, boy! Finding out the gender was a surprise.

“Since I have five brothers and Sebastian has three, we both wanted a girl. We were talking to the baby as if he were a girl. We thought our Jedi mind tricks to ensure a girl were working. Then a sonogram made it clear as day we were having a boy. That required a mental shift.”

She agreed to the first name suggestion.

“Looking up the meaning of names sounds so tedious to me. Choosing his name was my quickest decision in history. Sebastian said, ‘Babe, I really like this name.’ I was like, ‘Okay, that’s pretty.’ And that was it. I love the name. It makes me happy. We’re keeping it a secret for now.”

But she wishes she could control the due date.

“He’s due three days after my birthday, which is a little close, in my opinion. I know it sounds selfish, because he’s the greatest gift ever and I can’t wait for him to get here. But if he comes on my birthday? I’d lose my birthday in perpetuity!”

Rose Rollins Laying on Couch in Lavender Dress and Navy Sneakers Alexei Hay

Wait, more crying!

“I’ve definitely been emotional. We go to Australia once a year, and my favorite restaurant, which I go to each day for breakfast, changed the menu two days into our trip. I was like, ‘Why wouldn’t you do it when I’m gone?’ I grew really upset about it. There was a ripple effect, and then I was crying over everything.”

Yep, tears at the shower.

“Sebastian threw me a surprise baby shower, which I did not see coming. We walked into the kitchen of his dad’s house, and 50 people yelled, ‘Surprise!’ I couldn’t figure out who they were surprising. I actually turned around to see who it was. Then I saw these balloons that spelled out our baby’s name, and, oh my God, I started bawling. It was the sweetest thing he’s done for me.”

She may eat these words.

“I want the most well-behaved child on the planet. Sebastian and I have talked about how we’re going to try not to revolve our lives around him. We don’t want to baby our baby. When he’s 3 or 4, we want him to be able to dine on sushi with us. I know I’m probably delusional.”

Her one physical gripe is...

“Some awful lower backaches started in the second trimester. Stretching helps. I didn’t get morning sickness, thank goodness, because throwing up is the worst.”

Oh, and the gasping.

“I have shortness of breath too. When I go up stairs, I’m huffing and puffing. I’m like, ‘I didn’t even really do anything, but okay?’”