Ryan Reynolds Offers Sage (And Hilarious) Advice for Expectant Fathers

Ryan Reynolds is breaking down delivery room etiquette for all the expectant fathers out there. Needless to say, it's hilarious.

Ryan Reynolds is one half of one of Hollywood's most notoriously private parenting duos—case in point: We still don't know the name of his second child (despite the fact that wife Blake Lively gave birth nearly two months ago).

But while he might not be in a hurry to release photos of his kids, the actor is willing to come clean about what really goes down for new dads in the delivery room. Better yet, he's spilling his top tricks for other new fathers. 

Ryan shared all in a video entitled "5 Delivery Room Tips Every Man Should Know." The video, which appears courtesy of GQ, offers up a strong mix of seriously valuable advice ("be judicious with the photographs you take") and some more humorous tips ("your wife will pretty much never think it's funny or charming if you tip your imaginary top hat and say 'at your cervix.")

The actor also had some tough words for to-be fathers—according to Ryan, their role in the delivery room is just not that significant. "You're pretty much the least important thing in the room," he said. "You know, it's going to go your wife, the baby, the doctor, the nurse, a doula if you have one, the air...God, the air."

As for dealing with your partner while she's the in the middle of childbirth—Ryan had some pretty powerful wisdom on that topic as well. "When your wife asks if everything's OK down there...don't yell 'better than ever,'" he advised. 

Good advice, Ryan. Good advice.