Sarah Drew: Behind the Scenes

The Grey's Anatomy star shares her favorite prenatal workout, wise pregnancy philosophy and what inspires her gorgeous glow.


Came here to do great things happening here watching and I didn't think it's fun to get to do a photo shoot and being in this date now I'm still just wearing mostly closed and exercising more this time I've been doing a lot of swimming. And that's then giving me a lot of extra energy and is getting out and act as the best decision I came just. I left myself see exactly where. So it cannot put pressure on myself to see extra energetic and I feel energetic and the F hospitable about just like our. I think following me on my body's afternoon you know what's coming and I know that I can get myself. I'm just really lacking job that I have my show is if he's on top count out. Apparently. That an opportunity for eight days after that those needs and I end up having I think it's time at home and I think again. Gauges how he does and expend my energy because I have a lot of times and so I'm really lucky. They glow it's an emotional thing and then feeling that he. All of those things emotionally make me feel like I'm participating in something that's me Dion human experience. And that's such a privilege and section on. I think if you can find them yourself and mind. Then just like on the world you know in this particular state. Painful.

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