See the Ridiculous Body Shaming One Actress Faced—and Her Glorious Comeback

British actress and new mama Stephanie Davis has some words for an Instagram user who body shamed her just three months after she had a baby. 

British actress Stephanie Davis just had a baby three months ago—but apparently, even the fact that she JUST GAVE BIRTH isn't enough to keep the body shamers at bay. 

Stephanie—who is flat out gorgeous and in amazing shape—posted a selfie on her Instagram page, and it attracted lots of positive attention from fans weighing in on how great she looks. But among all those kind comments, there was one incredibly rude one: A user somehow thought it was acceptable to call out the mom's "stretch marks". 

"She has some bad stretchmarks though," the user wrote. 

But as frustrating as this sort of blatant body shaming is, there's a silver lining to this story: Stephanie stood up for herself in the best way possible, and she made it clear that women can expect to see some physical changes after they give birth and nurse their children.

"[Y]es I have stretch marks because I carried a baby for nine months, and fed him and got him strong though feeding off my breasts... how damn amazing is that," the actress replied. "I love my stretch marks Thankyou. Pretty shallow of you when I've had a baby 3 months ago to comment on my boobs, but take it as a compliment because you were clearly looking at my lady lumps Douche."

A fellow commenter came to her support as well, writing: "What stretch marks??? I had my baby the same day as Steph had [her son] and I have thousands... she looks unreal".

It's so sad that women (especially women who have just given birth) still need to defend themselves against trolls, but comments like the one Stephanie made speak volumes. Can the body-shaming just come to an end already?