Serena Williams Continues to 'Serve' Prenatal Fitness Goals in New Clip

She's heading towards her due date, but Serena Williams is still slaying her prenatal workouts. Need proof? See this video she recently shared.

Serena Williams Workout Jimmie48 Photography/Shutterstock
She's reportedly set to deliver next month, but no one should be surprised when they see how Serena Williams is capping off her pregnancy. Hint: It's strikingly similar to the way she began it: She's insanely fit, seriously energetic and just all-around a perfect example of what pregnant women can do.

Serena shared the clip on Snapchat, and it was posted to YouTube by Famous Celebrities Snaps. The video shows the tennis star working through a circuit that would be impressive even if it weren't being completed by a very pregnant woman. But to see a woman in her third trimester completely dominate a tough exercise routine? Well, it's pretty inspirational. And while those of who aren't professional athletes won't be able to go quite so hard, isn't watching Serena work out amazing motivation to get to the gym and take a spin on the treadmill or the stationary bike?

The circuit includes both cardio and strength training exercises, and Serena tackles it all like a boss. It may not look like the average person's prenatal workout, but it's clearly working for this mom-to-be.

Should women everywhere be working out as intensely as Serena does? Well, that depends. Obviously, your pre-pregnancy fitness level will affect your ability to take on a tough workout like this one, and it's always essential that you get the green light from your doctor before trying any workout while you're pregnant. And hey, if you're too exhausted and uncomfortable to attempt something like this—that's ok. Just do what you can to lead the healthiest pregnancy possible. For those of us who aren't eyeing a tennis comeback at just four months postpartum, even a nice long walk will do the trick.