Serena Williams Crowdsources Pregnancy Advice on Twitter

Serena Williams reached out to her (massive) Twitter following for some pregnancy advice—and her fans came through.

Serena Williams Twitter Advice Jimmie48 Photography/Shutterstock
Pretty much every pregnant woman ends up having a lot of weird questions they want to ask. And while you should absolutely run any pressing concerns by your doctor, the fact is, sometimes you know you can find the answer without making your tenth (or 15th!) call of the week to his or her office. Fortunately, social media has become the place to find your solution. 

It helps even more if you have a far-ranging social network, which is probably why Serena Williams ended up receiving such an amazing response when she crowdsourced her big pregnancy-related dilemma to her followers. Like so many pregnant women out there, Serena appears to be struggling mightily when it comes to getting comfy in bed, now that she's close to her due date. More specifically, the mom-to-be is trying to find a way to turn from side to side. (The struggle is real!)

Twitter users came through with some tried-and-true solutions to the common preggo problem. One follower commented with: "Sleep on your left side...and get a pregnancy pillow which curves round you - transforms your night's sleep - CONGRATS xxxxxxx," while another added: "Roll on your back, Mama...then roll right/then back/ then left. You have to sing the lyrics to the Tootsie Roll! I don't make the rules."

Yet another social media user shared a solution that's all about the bedding, writing: "Silk or satin sheets. The more slippery the better!"

And while Serena undoubtedly had plenty of advice come her way, she also had some well-deserved praise courtesy of artist John Lurie, who wrote: "we are all pretty much in awe of you - so whatever you figure out - please let us know"

Can't argue with that!

But since the rest of us don't have Serena's eight million plus Twitter followers to answer our pregnancy-related questions, let's share the wealth! What are your top get-comfy tips for other pregnant ladies out there?